If you are using Cadimage Roof Coverings in AC17 you may find it a little tough to figure out where the cover fill settings are located. Like most Cadimage tools, the Coverings tool has a lot of depth, which also means it may not be immediately obvious where the settings are. The first thing you need to do is verify the box for Use Same Pen in Plan and 3D is not checked. This is under the Display Options > 3D + Section tab.Display 3d

Next Verify that cladding is availableĀ to show on each floor option (home story, above, and below). Please note that this does not guarantee that the covering object WILL show on these stories, it just makes options for view settings available for each of the 3 view options.Display Plan View

Lastly you will need to define how the cover fill is represented on each of the three view options. In the third image you will see the options for applying fills to Plan View – Home Story, Above and Below Home Story. If the check box from the first image IS checked (Use the Same Pen…) these options will not be available.

Cladding fills

You can save the fill and pen settings set for one of the views and apply them to all three if they need to match, rather than recreating these settings for all view types.

It is also worth mentioning, for those using AC18, the fill type by story location settings are not available; or if they are I have not found where they are relocated to in the new Cadimage Coverings for 18. You can still set the cladding to show or not show in Home, Above and Below, but the fill type by location from the third image seems to be missing or relocated.


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