If you apply an image as a surface to you internal engines surface settings verify the image file name has no “special” characters; they don’t play well with CineRender!

In the below image you can see the surface views perfectly in the internal engine surface preview, and even applies to associated surfaces in the model without any issue.

Internal Engine 1

Now when we open the CineRender by MAXON Engine Settings and Match Settings > CineRender to match from Internal…

CineRender 1

the preview blacks out and the view will not render. The rendering window will open and run for about 7-8 seconds then finish with a blank screen.

CineRender 2

The solution is a simple one, in your library manager verify all images to be used in renderings have no special characters (\ / , ‘ ” _ | – etc.), the jpg or png should be named with letters, numbers, and spaces only! You can save the offending surfaces to your desk top, rename and reload. It may also be worth the effort to verify file size and location in the embedded library at this time; in the interest of maximizing file efficiency and minimizing file size.


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