Window Management

One of the easiest and most important thing you can do to keep your Archicad file and environment running smoothly and efficiently is to manage the windows you have open. If you operate like me, you may be working on sections and have all or most section windows open at once to easily toggle between them. But when you are ready to close all sections you may find it tedious and time consuming to go window by window, waiting for them to reload and refresh each time.

The good news is there is a short cut for this! The first thing to do is to go to your floor plan. Next go to the Window menu and select CloseAll Background Windows.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 12.41.59 PM

This is also a goo habit to have before sending & receiving, closing out of the project or leaving the project. In fact, if you follow these steps before doing a S/R then close you will notice a slightly faster open time when rejoining the project later, since it will not need to reopen and rebuild all 3d, section, elevation and layout views every time you open or join.


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