The Teamwork Palette

Are you using the teamwork palette and options to improve your workflow and cooperation with other team members? There are quite a few options with teamwork, beyond the standard send/receive and release/reserve/request.

First, did you know you can set a priority to a request or teamwork message? or that you can send a custom message along with a request? When you request a reserved element take a quick look at the dialog that comes up. In the right hand column there is a button to change the priority from the default Normal Priority to High Priority. This ensures the request remains on the screen, rather than just flashing briefly as a grey memo shot.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 12.23.49 PM

Next, you can actually send custom messages using the teamwork palette. The bottom row of the palette has a button to Send new message. This brings up a similar diaglog box to the automatically generated request box. The message box has options to  request tasks such as Send Changes, Release All or if your feeling really pushy Leave Project. I realize there is some redundancy, since we use apple messages for a lot of this, or the phones, or even just shouting across the office. But the messages can be an additional method of making low priority requests, comments or conversations right in the ArchiCAD environment!

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 12.41.43 PM


One thought on “The Teamwork Palette

  1. Philip Viana

    Definitely prefer this to iMessage since it’s harder to ignore.



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