BIMx Surfaces Not Matching

A few projects have been experiencing severe BIMx surface discrepancies; where upon saving a model to BIMx, the surfaces change surface image, appearance or alignment. One project was so bad that every wood surface appeared to be replaced with a surface image that was not even used in the project. Removing or replacing the image, duplicating the surface, exporting & re-importing attributes did not resolve the issue. I even tried opening this file (AC17) in AC16 & AC18 with little or no success in repairing the corrupted attributes.

  00 Correct Model OpenGL        00 Incorrect Model BIMx

Open GL Surfaces                                            Surfaces in BIMx

Finally today I found a solution to this problem (the cause of which is still a mystery). Use the following steps to repair a surface that does not render or save to BIMx properly:

  1. Verify the elements surface, building material and other attributes are not missing
  2. Verify the attributes (surfaces & fills) in the building material settings are not missing
  3. Verify the surface image for the corrupt surface is loaded into the library
  4. Reserve all in the teamwork palette (any unreserved elements may have missing attributes as a result of this process)
  5. Pick a surface which does save properly in BIMx, and duplicate it
  6. Name the new surface appropriately
  7. Reassign the correct surface image, size, and rotation in the surface settings
  8. Select the corrupt surface
  9. Delete the corrupt surface and replace with the newly created surface
  10. Save as BIMx and check that the surface is showing correctly now!

01 Surface Repair      01 Final BIMx

Delete & Replace Surfaces                                   Surfaces Fixed in BIMx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “BIMx Surfaces Not Matching

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