Drafting Aids- Cursor Snap Variant

This one may become obsolete once AC19 is released, there are some really cool looking guide-line features and additions being implemented with the new version. In the mean time, this may be helpful for anyone working on details or SD models with buildings at varied angles.

The cursor snap variant options are only adjustable after you start drawing an element (2d or 3d), and while holding shift to lock to a specific axis. The selected cursor snap variant will be applied for all elements in all views until it is changed.

The default snap variant is perpendicular, but at times I find it helpful to change to vertical or horizontal when moving elements to associate between two different angles. It can be a quicker/easier solution than trying to set up hotspots, temporary guide line, or line/polyline place holders to move or place elements.

In the video notice the light dashed extension direction from the line end to the cursor location, and how the orientation changes with each variant.


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