Here are a few videos of AC 19’s new features that we may find most useful; all this and more should be covered at the SF User Group meeting next month, but if you are not going to be able to make it; check out the following clips:

Again, AC 19 will be FAST!!!

All windows can be set as tabs in a frame, rather than individual windows.

Point Cloud compatibility! I’m curious to see if/when we can take advantage of this feature!

Door and Window interface is improved… if for any reason we steer away from Cadimage; although Cadimage is also talking about a full rebuild of their interface.

Surfaces are going to be so much better!

Guidelines are going to be an incredibly helpful tool. Currently there are other solutions rather than the tedious task of creating a single operation guide line; I think the new guide line capabilities are going to make them an invaluable tool!

Also check out some of the videos on the new dimension features & pet palette options; there are more AC19 dimension videos than I will list here.


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