Work Environment & Teamwork Etiquette

The WWA BIM manual work environment section describes what is permitted to be customized and what should remain as an ARCHICAD Default. As a reference, your work environment settings should look something like this:

Work Environment CustomizationUser Preference Schemes, Company Standard Schemes, and Command Layout Schemes should be set to ARCHICAD defaults. Tool Schemes can be customized, but in most cases it is best to use the ARCHICAD default to avoid missing any new tools from software updates.

All of this is just to lead me into reenforcing our BIM manual general practices section on teamwork. This section states:

  • Release all before breaks & at the end of the day or whenever closing the project
  • When leaving a project send & receive then release all before leaving the teamwork project
  • Only remain joined in teamwork projects you are regularly actively working on. If information or model elements are being copied out of another project leave the teamwork project without sending/receiving once the copy/paste is done.
  • If prompted to save a PLN backup when doing a send and receive always save
  • Leave the teamwork project at the end of the week
  • Clean up local data for all projects and libraries every 30 days min. or when prompted

It is important to remember to release all as described in the BIM manual. This will prevent other users from needing to force you out of the project to access some elements you left reserved at the end of the day, which leads to local data and BIM server connection problems, and potentially lost work.

All this ties together in the Company Standard Schemes > Data Safety & Integrity portion of the work environment. The default work environment has a setting to release all when you close or leave the project.Work environment release all


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