Another Linked Marker/Navigator Graphic

This is a little redundant from my last post, but think it bears repeating (and this graphic is pretty cool!). Linked markers should be linked to the view map, not the layout book in order to maximize future flexibility of the layout book organization.

The image below should be a little more clear than my previous post. In the diagram below; source markers (1. Project Map) create views (2. View Window) such as the FP Section Detail or the Building Section. Linked markers can be a variation or additional content on a source marker or can be created from and independent or unlinked view, such as the roof details. All these are then saved as unique views (3. View Map), and linked to their markers before being placed to a layout (4. Layout Book). Linked markers should not be placed with reference to layout book drawings.Linked Marker Work FlowAs stated in the last post, this should be the practice, but if your project is already in the CD phase and has linked markers associated directly to layout drawings, do not attempt to redo the view map or layout book. Just be very diligent about reviewing all linked markers whenever a drawing is relocated, removed or moved to a new sheet.


3 thoughts on “Another Linked Marker/Navigator Graphic

  1. Brian Spears (@arktek)

    I enjoyed these last two posts on the Navigator and Organizer. We’ve been linking to Drawings and have run into those problems with the link breaking. I’ll be changing this in our next version. I have been working on my own post re: the Navigator workflow for my Users. I find it hard to write about this and to not basically repeat On Land’s Navigator Theory post. It is so good.

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    1. wwabim Post author

      On Land is a great blog, I don’t know if I’ve read that post though (there is a lot of content). Navigator workflow is one part of ArchiCAD that is set up to work many different ways, some ways work better than others for our projects.


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