Dimension Snap Adjustment

Heres a neat trick for your pre-holiday ARCHICAD-ing. In AC19 you may notice a lot of new pet palette options available when snapping on dimension elements.

One of these new options allows you to re-assign a dimension snap point by clicking on the dimensions tick mark hotspot. Click that point, then select this option from the pet palette:

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.16.33 AM

Then just select the point you want to dimension to. The dimension string will now be dynamically linked to that new point; dimensions will be adjusted with the element’s changes.

This is also a great way to assign associations between dimensions and elements, if there previously was not one, or a way to change a dimensions association to a new element or point.


One thought on “Dimension Snap Adjustment

  1. Brian Spears (@arktek)

    By chance, the first thing I tried this on was a Roof. I put a Dimension near the Roof that was not associated, then using this option in the Pet Palette, attempted to associate the Dim Tick to a corner of the Roof. I received visual feedback that it appeared it would associate to the Roof, but when I later hovered over that Tick the Roof did not highlight. I then moved the Dimension, and it indeed had not associated with the Roof. I tried with Walls, and that seemed to work as expected. Other Tools seem to be able to accept the new Dimension Tick association, and in my testing single-plane Roofs accepted the association, but multi-plane Roofs, both the polygonal edge and the pivot line, did not seem to work as expected.



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