Rendering Post Production

Photoshop is an essential part of Architectural visualization and BIM. Wether it is creating surfaces to map out over the BIM model elements or fine tuning presentation images, we need photo editing tools.

Using out of the box ARCHICAD default renderings settings is often sufficient for producing quick images or lighting studies, but to create stylized visuals populated with believable people, plants and other entourage imagery it is essential to utilize post production techniques.

In the upcoming February lunch and learn we will be presenting photoshop techniques to bring in content and create a cohesive image with background photos and plant/people cutout images.

Here are the before and after samples from two projects that will be presented. These images have been produced by Amadeo & Darcy:


Project 1 Before (Amadeo)


Project 1 After (Amadeo)


Project 2 Before (Darcy)


Project 2 After (Darcy)


2 thoughts on “Rendering Post Production

  1. nicolasmiard

    wow, really nice images.
    I’m not really skilled in rendering and post production techniques, I just know that multi-pass rendering could be of great help. Archicad’s CineRender Engine does not support multi-pass rendering so it require it bit more work, am I right?
    Could it be more interesting to render the scene in Cinema4D, with multi-pass, to speed up the post prod in Photoshop?


    1. wwabim Post author

      In the long run, for this “style” of image, it would not really make much of a difference in post production. In these images, the bulk of the photoshop work is in putting in plants, people, sky. Which we would still do in photoshop even if we used C4D, Maxwell or other 3rd party stand alone rendering engine.
      The only additional photo shop is a few touch ups and filters to get a more consistent feel from background to foreground. There isn’t a rendering worth looking at that hasn’t had some photoshop work, regardless of engine. We do not dedicate a lot of time to rendering, so out of the box AC Cinerender + Photoshop is more than sufficient.



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