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Teamwork Views, Drawings, and Layouts

Since most of our projects involve multiple buildings on a single site, we often rely on hotlink modules to place those buildings onto a site in separate Teamwork files. This means the site plan needs to be placed from one teamwork file to another.


This process is actually very simple to do. All that is required is to open both Teamwork files and use the organizer to link a view from one project to the layout of the other. With the file containing the layout book, search for the other open t/w file in the left hand column of the organizer. Lastly, you only need to click import to bring the view from one file to a layout of another.



Now comes the real issue, that is to update the views. In the past, we have run into the issue of this warning:


To effectively update drawings from a separate projects view map, start with the drawing settings. The drawing should be set to manual, or you will receive repeated update warnings and, in the best case scenario, a slow update for any externally linked drawings.


After extensive tests and trial and error, I have found the most reliable way to update a drawing. Follow these steps and it shouldn’t fail to update:

  1. Open BOTH projects, the one containing the view and the one with the drawing that needs to be updated
  2. In the project with the view, do a send and receive. Once you S/R, do not make any changes to the ARCHICAD file, do not even change zoom or pan the view. Even the smallest change to your local data will result in the “Drawing Checking Process has Failed” warning
  3. Immediately switch to the project with the drawing that needs updating. I use com+tab, rather than the mouse to avoid any accidental zoom or pan to the view.
  4. Once the layout/drawing that needs updating is open, simply right click and select update

Follow these steps exactly, and you will find it much less frustrating to update your external drawings.

A Note on Marker/View Types

All markers have three types (with the exception of Interior Elevations, which must be a Source Marker); Source, Linked and Unlinked.

Source markers generate content based on model elements. Linked markers reference an already created source content or view. Unlinked markers are a blank slate that reference not model or drafted content or existing view.

A marker may be changed from source to linked, but any source content will either be missing or translated to 2d elements. This is irreversible, and for elevations and sections, new source markers and subsequent views will need to be created. Linked or unlinked markers can not be changed to source markers. Linked markers may be changed to unlinked markers, and unlinked markers may be changed to linked markers.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 11.06.02 AM

Moral of the story; do not change source markers/views to linked or unlinked markers. You can create a work sheet from any view if you need to explode view content, or place a new marker if you need the source marker to reference a different drawing.

Drawing ID Sequence

When laying out drawings, you may notice elevations, sections and interior elevations may not automatically order based on their arrangement on the page.

Some drawings have very consistent drawing borders or “sizes”, such as details. These are numbered by their location on the drawing grid. All other drawing types are numbered based on the order they appear in layout book under their layout.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 9.50.57 AM

In the above example, only one of these drawings should have a title block, and thus should be 1/AA2.1 FOUNDATION. This drawing shows up last in the list however, and will be numbered “5” by default. The first fix for this is to drag the drawing to the top of the list under its layout.

A more permanent fix is to change all other drawings to be be excluded from the ID sequence. This can be done by selecting the drawings on the layout and unchecking the box in the info box palette:

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 9.38.00 AM

Or by selecting the drawings in the layout book and opening their settings:

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 9.37.36 AM

Now regardless of the order of the drawings in the layout book, the notes and legends drawing’s will not factor into the layout numbering.

Updating and Refreshing External Content

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.51.25 AMDo you have trouble seeing the dwg’s, pdf’s and jpg’s placed from the file server onto your views and layouts? Does your drawing manager look like the above image?

Assuming the file has not been renamed or relocated the solution is simple. Regardless, the problem is not with ArchiCAD, it is with your work stations connection to the file server. Your finder may be connected to the file server via short cuts or favorites, but unless the finder is connected directly to the Shared FS01 root, the path will go undetected in ArchiCAD and the external content will show as missing. The reason is ArchiCAD can not connect half way through the path name, and the first directory of the path is the WWA-FS01.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.52.35 AM

The solution is as follows: go to the finder, connect directly to the FS01 server destination under shared. If you do not see the directory link, go to All… and connect to the FS01 server from that menu. Once connected directly to the server, go back to ArchiCAD’s Drawing Manager and Check Status and Refresh the missing drawing files.