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Recently I have received several questions regarding the uses of the Hotspot tool. Fortunately we have several projects and AC users that exemplify the use of hotspots to streamline documentation.

Chris W. has developed a system of hotspots for interior elevations to create consistent drawing margins and to easily place on layouts with the proper and consistent drawing extents. His process is to place hotspots with consistent margins from the inside face of finish of the interior elevation (from ridge for vaulted rooms). See image 1.1.


Next the zooming in the view settings (view map) should be set to “Fit in window“. See image 1.2. This ensures that both the view when opened from the view map and the drawing when placed to the layout snap to the farthest extents of drawing content; which should be the hotspots from image 1.1.


The last step is to simply place on sheets; via the organizer, drag and drop or right click on the layout and select “Place Drawing“. See image 1.3.


For the pacific project we have a Cadimage covering to show a barrel tile roof. The covering object has a snap point that is not related to the actual ridge of the project. In order to ensure the dimension is showing precisely and in relation to the actual ridge a hotspot was placed. See images 2.1 & 2.2.



Another example of the use of hotspots is to set consistent floor plan drawing extents for multiple storied buildings or for multiple buildings laid out in one PLN file. See image 3.1 for an example of this.


Hotspots can also be useful in creating or editing 2d symbols or scripts of GDL objects. Lastly they are very useful when developing complex profiles. A hotspot added to a profile will show up as an alternate snap point at the ends of a profile applied to a beam or column.