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Common Teamwork Error

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This is a common error in our daily teamwork operations, and an easy one to prevent. It is not always easy to fix, depending on how many people are in the project.

This error happens when one team member has a portion of a file reserved, and another team member modifies a subpart to that. Two examples of this are the embedded library and the attributes.

If one team member reserves the entire embedded library, and another team member loads an image or object to the embedded library, this can block the user who made the modifications from sending and receiving changes. Also, with regards to attributes, if one team member has an attribute type reserved, the other team member creates a new attribute, they will not be able to send their changes until the first team member releases that attribute type.

This gets complicated, however, if multiple attribute types are reserved, and modified, all by different users. At this point, ARCHICAD is caught in a catch 22 situation. User A can not release attributes, because Users B/C/D have modified those attributes. Users B/C/D can not send their modifications, because User A has the attributes reserved. When things get this tangled, we normally have to save someones local data to .pln, force quit, and kick them out of the file, so that other users can send and receive. This is definitely a worse case scenario, and should only be done if release all (by all team members) and send and receive does not work.

Now for prevention of this teamwork error. These are measures you can take to prevent this from happening in your projects:

  1. Never reserve all
  2. Always reserve the attribute type you are working on or creating a new attribute for before creating it. If someone else has that attribute reserved, request it before creating new attributes.
  3. Release all frequently. Any time you plan to be away from your desk, and periodically throughout the day, even while working on the file.
  4. Send and receive often, every hour at a minimum, to prevent loss of work should ARCHICAD get caught in a cycle of teamwork errors.

Working Remotely & Connection Trouble

This may be a little technical for many users, and really only applies to those connecting from home. If you are working remotely and accessing the BIM Server from a computer outside the office you may get a warning occasionally that says “Unknown Document Version (0,0)“.

This happens for a few reasons, one common one is a file corruption. In the case of a remote connection it is most likely due to a rift in the status of the model on the BIM server and the content of your local data. To access the file remotely when this warning comes up go to your Team Work Drop Down > Project > Local Data Manager. When in this dialog box select the file you are having trouble accessing and delete it from the local data.

As a warning, this will delete any unsent changes. To prevent the warning in the first place all you need to do is send and receive changes when you are done working remotely, at the end of every day, and leave the project (Teamwork > Project > Leave Teamwork Project).

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