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Interior Iterations

In this particular project, we are late in the game and need to run some options through our model, as suggested by the Interior Design Team. I could save out a .pln or duplicate the teamwork file (see the BIM Manual for pros and cons of various iteration methods), but in this case, I was able to run 3 different surface options and 2 different stone slab configurations through 3 rooms without having any impact on the documents or even the model.

Here are 3 (1-3 minute) videos on steps I took to make this as efficient and nondestructive to the model as possible.

  1.  Using Graphic Overrides to switch between surfaces:  https://youtu.be/_5A93hL7o6E
  2. Using the surface painter to reassign surfaces quickly and easily:  https://youtu.be/fhDYh7DoNaA
  3. Using the Renovation Filter to pin elements that may not be permanent to the model:  https://youtu.be/pGGZAgzIjdQ