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Drawing & View Management

Having trouble keeping track of what view settings are being used; scale, model view options, dimension style, renovation status, etc.? Looking to do a little clean up of the layout book and wondering what layouts are being used, when they were published and what drawings are on the sheets?

Sure you can go view by view, layout by layout and review each individually; and ultimately that is the best way to manage the view map and layout book. But if you are looking for an overall indicator of the organization, structure and content of the view map and layout book there are tools for that!

We use indexes for lists of sheets to go on our title/cover sheet as a table of contents. But, did you know we can have a list of views in the view map? The available options allow a list of a view name, number and virtually all view options which are applied to the views. This is also a great tool for assessing wether the view map has any missing view settings (renamed or deleted MVO’s, layer combinations, dimension styles will show as missing!).

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.36.00 AM

Next, managing the layout book can be just as simple with the drawing manager! This feature is most commonly used to manage external content placed to layouts. The drawing manager is also an invaluable tool for listing the layouts, update status, scale, title, etc. for reviewing what content is on each layout. It is not as straight forward and graphic as going directly to the layout, but also does not require waiting for a drawing update to review content.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.43.09 AMGive these to features a try, if you are working on laying out drawings or organizing the view map you may find they improve productivity and efficiency in managing the BIM model & drawings.


I just discovered another addition to this; you can actually reassign view settings in the view list instead of going to the view map > view settings. If a view has missing settings, it is easy to track down and reassign in one operation through this list!

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 10.49.53 AM



Along the same lines as the last post about additional schedule information, I would like to touch on revising or rearranging a list for better search or selection.  There are multiple places in ArchiCAD where we get columns of information. These columns can often be re-arranged or re-ordered in alphabetical order, grouped by type or by number.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 4.52.24 PM

One example is the Favorites Palette. As you already know you can limit your favorites list by selecting the element in the Toolbox you are going to use. You can then further hone in on your desired object by changing the alphabetical order of the listing.

Another example is the attribute manager, you can rearrange the elements of the attribute manager by name, number or any other column offered for a given attribute. This can be extremely helpful when you are transferring select attributes between projects.

As in our last post, when you are looking for a specific object setting to add to a schedule it can be difficult to find the object in the additional parameters. Once you do find the object you still need to find the parameter that needs to be added. By refining the columns to group by type you can quickly read through only the parameter types you are looking for.

And now the reason for this entire post: Last week we had a project with views that lost their links to layouts and the drawing manager needed to be sorted out, cleaned up and re-linked. Many of the drawings on layouts were linked to the same view in the View Map, but spread across the entire length of the Drawing Manager when sorted by Name. By sorting the Drawing Manager list alphabetically by source view I was able to quickly re-link all identical drawing paths simultaneously.