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Delete Local Data

It is critical to keep your local data clean and current. The first step in doing this is to periodically leave the projects you are working in. This forces your local data to rebuild from the server data on the next open/join. This has all been outlined in our BIM manual under the Collaboration section. It is also outlined in part here and here. For more information on ARCHICAD errors and possible solutions, check out this article.

So lets assume you have a local data error that will not allow you to send or receive. The solution is:

  1. Save a .pln to your desk top, so that you do not lose any of your work
  2. Leave the teamwork project and completely close ARCHICAD
  3. Open ARCHICAD and “Browse for Teamwork File” and immediately click “Cancel”
  4. Go to the Teamwork menu > Project > Local Data Manager
  5. Delete ALL content from the list (libraries and project files). This will need to be done line by line.


As a bonus tip, you can set your work environment to schedule the local data clean up reminders under Local Data Manager > Options. This should be set to send a reminder every 30 days minimum, for projects older than 30 days. Always delete local data when prompted! Unless you are opening from a crash recovery, there is no need to ignore local data clean up warnings.

In 2017, we need to make it a goal to Send and Receive often (every hour at least); lets pay attention to the Teamwork protocols in our BIM manual and avoid lost work!


Working Remotely & Connection Trouble

This may be a little technical for many users, and really only applies to those connecting from home. If you are working remotely and accessing the BIM Server from a computer outside the office you may get a warning occasionally that says “Unknown Document Version (0,0)“.

This happens for a few reasons, one common one is a file corruption. In the case of a remote connection it is most likely due to a rift in the status of the model on the BIM server and the content of your local data. To access the file remotely when this warning comes up go to your Team Work Drop Down > Project > Local Data Manager. When in this dialog box select the file you are having trouble accessing and delete it from the local data.

As a warning, this will delete any unsent changes. To prevent the warning in the first place all you need to do is send and receive changes when you are done working remotely, at the end of every day, and leave the project (Teamwork > Project > Leave Teamwork Project).

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