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Multi Line Project Info and Auto Text

This came up today, I had to make the screen shots anyway. So to bring everyone up to speed; the project info can create custom multi line items for auto text very quickly and easily.

Go to File > Info > Project Info. From here you can select the section you want to add a new field to, and select Add. The new field needs a name, then just click the ellipses  to type in paragraph form (not no tabs or indents allowed).Multi line auto text 1

From here all you need to do is select the auto text icon in your text input menu (the A with recycle arrows), and track down the info field added. Again, individual lines can not be indented or edited separately if they are a single info input. If that is a requirement, you will need to create separate info lines for each text element.Multi line auto text 2.png

Project Preview

Given that most or all of us are not working in PLN files, this is more of a fun tip for the times that we do save out back ups or work in PLN study files separate from the teamworked project.

If you paste an image into the Project Preview dialog box (File > Info > Project Preview) it will as the icon for PLN and PLA files saved. It will show up in the following locations:

  • The Finder Window (Icon view)
  • The Finder Window (Cover flow view)
  • Get info preview
  • Quick look window for multiple selected elements

Images can be screen shots or renderings of your project’s floor plan or model view and should be set to 128×128 pixels. You can insert an image into the Project Preview window of a teamwork file and it will show up as an icon when you save as a PLN.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 2.49.06 PM